Lyra Vega

A perfect balance of natural elements

This stunning work of art represents a spiritual “trine” –with three circular inset double-bezels that are embedded in rare Guanacaste wood–each filled with over 50,000 sparkling crystals. The energy vibration of the appearance of “three” is a connecting, universal force that subliminally brings to the observer a calming geometric balance of harmony, wisdom and good fortune. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this unique piece also appears to gently float upon its finely crafted base.

Created from a perfectly sliced slab of natural Guanacaste wood imported from Costa Rica, this piece is enhanced by its three inset circular bezels. The hues of the crystals within–over 50,000 of them –are of gentle lavender, periwinkle and diamond-like clear. Surrounding each bezeled, dual circle is a jewel set channel with Swarovski® Zirconia placed in stainless steel. The wood surface is finely finished to a reflective gloss, mounted upon three stainless uprights, and embellished with laser engraving and includes a faceted inset stone that is a rare, triangular Swarovski® Zirconia