Illuminating the Earth from above

Artemis – the virgin goddess of the moons’ light and the hunt, with her all-seeing eye –has been artistically interpreted on this immense piece of stunning Guanacaste treewood that we procured from Costa Rica. Standing just over 7 feet tall, this work features a dramatically designed eye motif. Created of high-grade polished stainless-steel; the center stone is comprised of a 971 carat fancy green custom hand cut Swarovski® Zirconia. Surrounded by a unique black ceramic composite coloring and white Swarovski® Zirconia jewel chains to illuminate the eyes’ center. A string of black Swarovski® Zirconia grace the outer eye striations, tailed with continuous white Swarovski® Zirconia with a total of 1141 carats. A distinctive work of art that protectively looks upon the admirer, on this piece are also mounted three, rare Septarian Eggs – each seated in its own polished stainless-steel mount that displays their beautiful, 50-million year old crystallized concretions contained within. Septarian geodes are said to possess the metaphysical vibrations that nurture, heal and open one’s root chakra – much like the grounding depths of the Earth from which they were extracted. This piece presents a dramatic statement of nature combined with interpreted mythology and will not go unnoticed as an addition to any connoisseur’s collection.