Eye of Dionysus

A blend of energy and beauty
The harmonious combination of this piece’s rare and finely finished Guanacaste wood from Costa Rica, combined with three stunning crystals, was created to bring a peaceful balance to the observer. At its center, this work features a prized amethyst crystal, known to emit an energy vibration that promotes healing of the body and mind. Placed to the left and right of the center amethyst are two substantial clear quartz crystals – often called “the master healer” of crystals. Truly a stellar work, that brings balance to one’s soul.

This piece represents the symbiotic triad of nature, Earth’s bounty and spiritual healing. The three stunning crystals nestled amongst this fine specimen of Guanacaste wood are accentuated with thousands of sparkling crystals. Finished with a high gloss resin, this piece gracefully appears to float upon its substantial wood base with mounts crafted of clear cylinders filled with diamond-like crystals. As an addition to any connoisseur’s collection, this work dramatically speaks volumes.