Lotus Kismet

A stellar unity of natural elements
With its natural elements so perfectly blended, this most dramatic dining table presents forth a powerful statement of elegance and exclusivity. Crafted from two, solid and contiguous pieces of rare Guanacaste wood, the grand tabletop is crafted of a singular 6-inch thick slab. As its center base, a substantial tree trunk of a darker shade wood has been perfectly cut through and fitted to flushly meet and support this table’s beautiful slab top. Completely custom finished with high gloss resins, the center of the base trunk is artfully embellished with over 10,000 sparkling crystals.


A superior statement of elegance, this grandest of dining tables is dramatic in its shear presentation, atop which sits perfectly-cut ½-inch thick shaped glass that follows every natural contour of the Guanacaste wood slab. At the center of the slab, the sparkle and elegance of over 10,000 crystals in shades of amber, golden and diamond-clear tastefully sparkle as a natural centerpiece.This grand table, sizable to seat 8 for dining, accommodated with your selection of elegant chairs, will have your guests in awe.