Helix Nebula

The geocentric healer
Created from the near-root base of a hundreds’ year-old Burmese teak tree, this piece is graced by a spherical geode of Celestite at its center. Truly celestial, one can be moved by this piece to gaze at the night sky and anticipate a glimpse of a stellar event. This piece’s geode was discovered by Frank Malvasio in Madagascar, and is revered for its high metaphysical properties. Having spent 65 million years in the earth, the harmonious vibrations of Celestite invite divine expression and clarity – and the balancing of chakra energy of the throat, crown and third eye.

After making its world crossing journey to our studios, this piece’s rare teak wood has been patiently fostered and sealed upon its front surfaces with caring hands to a fine finish, and is enhanced by 24 carat gold plated elements and a stunning faceted Swarovski® crystal “eye”.

Designed to display with its Swarovski® Zirconia embellished floor mounting base, this piece is like no other. The rare, light blue crystals within the Celestite geode are highly treasured, as will be this piece as it graces your foyer, dining room, or other grand space. The healing powers of this heavenly-inspiring piece are many. Bringing to the admirer the higher frequency vibrations of peace and harmony, the central Celestite geode is known to heighten divine intuition. Explore endless possibilities while expressing your keen eye as a connoisseur with this work of natural and embellished sculpture that rivals the most unique additions to art collections the world over.