The epitome of balance
By the grace of a naturally felled, hundred-year-old Guanacaste tree, we procured this art piece’s stellar slab from its native land –Costa Rica. Adorning the center is a large quartz crystal that features multiple triagonal and hexagonal components. Pure crystal quartz–said to be “the master healer” of all crystals–form over time, spanning millions of years beneath the Earth. Its vibrational and healing energy, tastefully placed within the natural core of the wood, can bring chakra balance and harmony to the observer.

Revering its natural shape –and finely finished with a high gloss resin –this Guanacaste wood piece rests gently upon its uniquely-crafted, spiral stainless steel legs accented with jewel set crystals, seated in a decorative display pedestal embellished with our signature motifs upon a striated marble base. A cosmic symphony that complements nature’s beauty, this fine piece will spark positive energy and conversation.