Husband and wife, Frank and Christine Malvasio, combined their creativity and together have fashioned an elegant line of masterpieces. Frank – born in Germany, and of Italian-German descent, was afforded exposure to famed artists’ works, grand architecture and European history in his early years. Possessing an artistic soul, after immigrating to the United States he continued to pursue his interests in the arts and design. Christine – of Sicilian descent; was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Ahead of her time, she possessed a natural gift for design and was inspired at a young age to start her own jewelry line. She incorporated organic rocks and crystals into her designs which has now inspired much of the art they create today.


Both influenced by the magnitude and wonder of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, Frank and Chris developed an appreciation of mythology, mystery and symbolism – and a compelling passion to travel the world. Having visited the four corners of the globe, experiencing many cultures, brought them to create contemporary works of art.The designs and sculptures they create are innovative and have an energizing flair. Dynamic works that blend the Earth’s natural bounties with modern elements, their pieces are embellished with finely-crafted accents. Every aspect of their designs proffer a symbolic meaning with the incorporation of rare, natural geodes, faceted crystals and created embellishments. Following the premises that prize the energy and vibrations emitted by these elements, Frank and Chris’s work result in a visual symphony – exemplified. Progressively forging ahead with their significant pieces, they are influenced by the multicultural fusion of South Florida where they reside with their twin boys